Who We Are

Redeemer Church of Knoxville began to worship publicly in January 2004. What began as a home bible study has grown into a congregation of 400+ worshippers. We are a congregation with a diverse makeup, including: families and singles from all over Knoxville — primarily younger in age, about 100 students not only from the University of Tennessee but other nearby colleges worship with us during the school year and about 5 to 10% of us are urban poor (the homeless, under-housed, unemployed).

We are a congregation that celebrates the gospel of Jesus and His kingdom. We consider the gospel to be the greatest and most important thing in all the world. We desire for the gospel of Christ to be the center of all we are and do, our one core value. As we celebrate and cherish the gospel of Jesus, we long to see Christ formed more deeply and thoroughly in us as we worship Father, Son and Holy Spirit, share life with one another and serve the city and university. We long to embody this gospel through forgiveness and belonging, hope and renewal. Celebrating the gospel takes a very specific shape in the life of our church. We do so in worship, community and service.

Celebrating the Gospel in Worship…

Because of the great salvation God has accomplished for us in and through Jesus Christ, the gospel is shaping us to be a gathering of people who worship Father, Son and Holy Spirit. It is the highest good to honor and praise the living God, who made us and saves us. The gospel transforms us to more and more glorify God and enjoy him forever.

Celebrating the Gospel in Community…

The Gospel also tells us that we are being called out to belong to a new community and new gathering of people. Our old identities are passing away and take second place to the new identity we have now as the people of God. The good news of the gospel is that Jesus is not just saving individuals unto himself but is establishing a new humanity through whom he is bringing his renewing grace to the world. That means the gospel not only calls us into community with Father, Son and Holy Spirit but he is calling us into community with one another. We experience community not only in weekly gathered worship but in community groups, which meet in homes throughout the week, and through informal gatherings where we share life and serve together.

Celebrating the Gospel in Service…

Finally, the Gospel of Jesus communicates a third thing about how our lives are to be different because of Jesus. He who came not to be served but to serve and give his life as a ransom for many is redeeming us so that we live not for ourselves but for him and one another. The gospel is making us a worshipping community that serves one another and the world around us.

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