First Things

We were created for community and God himself is a community. As we look everywhere around our world and honestly at our own lives we long for and pursue community. We also know deep within that something has gone wrong in the world and in us and it always shows up in our relationships (especially in the church). And we believe this is the very heart of the gospel: that while we were sinners (broken, ruined, miserable), Christ died FOR us. Jesus was not simply saving individual souls on the cross. He was redeeming a people for himself: a new community, a city set on a hill, a people belonging to God, a new family. Redeemer longs to see the great work of Christ’s redemption pressed out into our shared life together.

Getting Connected with Redeemer

When seeking a new church community, you will always find that every church has a path has to foster and get people into relationship with one another. Sometimes this path is obscure, hard to find and navigate, but it is always there. Every local church has ways and opportunities for its people connect to each other. At Redeemer, we want our path into community to be one that you can clearly know and one that you can practically do. We encourage you to be intentional about the organic paths to community, but here are the more programmatic paths that Redeemer has laid out beyond worship to help us share life together:

If you would like more information or wish to speak with a pastor about the Community life of Redeemer, please email elder Ted Ancelet

In addition to connecting with Redeemer in Worship and Community, we think Service is a vital way to experience the gospel: “for the Son of Man came not to be served but to serve and to lay down his life as a ransom for many.”