Evening Worship Service

Our 5 P.M worship service has begun!

We are very excited about this missional endeavor to reach Urban and University Knoxville in new ways.  The Lord has been filling our pews throughout the fall and into the winter and we need to create space in the sanctuary in order to welcome new neighbors into our midst.  However, we want to remind you that we are not just starting a new service for population control.  We really believe that this is a missionally strategic endeavor.   Our hope is to provide a service that will reach out to our neighbors who may struggle to enter our doors in the morning, or who are providentially hindered due to a  variety of reasons.  We really hope and pray that by adding this evening service many of our neighbors and friends will come to know the love of God.

With this in mind we are asking you to do two things.  First, please pray for the evening service.  In particular, pray that the Holy Spirit would be poured out afresh among our community.  We long for people to come to know Christ, and we long for our community to be rooted and established more and more in a common love for Jesus. Please pray that the Spirit would continue to work unity  among us while protecting us from dissension or a party spirit during a time of  further transition. Second, please consider attending or offering your time and talents to help this service be a success. Click Here to complete our survey in order to help us plan and to let you know our anticipated needs as we begin this new ministry.
If you have questions, we encourage you to contact any of the staff or any of your officers.


posted on February 2, 2017