Welcome To Redeemer

We’re glad you’re here! As it is with all churches, the best way to learn and get to know us is to personally experience more of Redeemer on a Sunday morning.

Particulars about our worship services:

  • We have two Sunday Worship services. One at 10AM and one at 5PM.
  • We celebrate weekly communion and invite all professing baptized Christians who are in good standing with a gospel believing church to keep the feast with us.
  • We invite and welcome all people. We especially welcome those who are searching and even skeptical of Christ and His church. We love to dialogue and talk with everyone about who Jesus really is.
  • If you are new, we suggest arriving 20 minutes ahead to navigate parking and our facility.
  • We employ a newly crafted liturgy each week to aid our worship so be sure to pick up a bulletin at a Sanctuary entrance.
  • We offer Children’s Ministry for infants through 2nd grade. For more information, visit our Children’s Ministry page. Children in the 3rd grade and older are invited to attend the worship service with their parents.
  • We would love to meet you. So either introduce yourself to a pastor or fill out an information card one Sunday and turn it in during the offering. This lets us know of your visit and how to follow up with you if you desire.

Other Things To Expect:

First and foremost, Redeemer is a church that celebrates the gospel. Look for and expect that when you worship with us. The good news of Jesus Christ is our one core value and we strive by God’s grace and with his help to keep the gospel at the center of who we are and all we do. In our corporate worship and in our shared life, we want to make much of Jesus and his work of redemption for us and for the world.

Second, we are an urban and university church. Our geography makes this so. Our place (where we worship and from where we serve) is in the very heart of the Fort Sanders neighborhood. We are right next door to both downtown Knoxville and The University of Tennessee. Being in the center of the city means in part we draw people from all over Knoxville. We have many members and attenders who live and work in suburban Knoxville, but they have a sense of calling to worship and serve Christ with us here in the urban center. On Sundays, you can expect to meet people from all over the city, but you will also meet many who live, work and worship here in the center. We are also a “church home” away from home for college and university students. And we also have many under-privileged friends from the neighborhood and the streets who join us on Sundays as well.

Are You a Student?

A big part of our mission and purpose is to be a church for the University. We delight in being a church home for students, faculty and staff, not only from The University of Tennessee, but from other nearby college campuses as well. We believe growing in Christ and being connected with his church is an important part of the college experience. Redeemer has many students who worship with us on Sundays and others who connect more deeply in our church community and serve in and with Redeemer in various ways.

We encourage students to connect not only with a church in their time at school but also with a campus ministry. We have several University and College ministry partnerships:

  • Reformed University Fellowship (RUF) at The University of Tennessee
  • RUF-International at The University of Tennessee
  • RUF at Carson-Newman University
  • Cru at The University of Tennessee
  • Athletes in Action at The University of Tennessee
  • Bridges International at The University of Tennessee