As we Rest and Remind one another of God's Love, we become a people whose desire is to gather together in service in order to Reflect His love. Below are many opportunities to Reflect His love, both to His church as well as our neighbors.


Sunday Operations

Sunday Operations team members serve once per month by helping with greeting and handing out bulletins as well as collecting offering.  Click here to volunteer.

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Sacraments & Welcome Team

Morning Service Sacraments team members serve every month.  Welcome Team members serve once per month. Click here to volunteer.

Welcome Team Schedule

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Children's Ministry

Our Children’s Ministry encourages all members to consider serving by volunteering in this ministry. If you would like to get connected with us, either as a Sunday volunteer or by serving on the Ministry Team, or are just interested in connecting with other Redeemer families, please contact us HERE.

Team Member Contacts : sign in and select sacraments team in groups

Children's Ministry Application

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Church events are a great way to participate in community and serve Jesus and others.

We are currently planning our Annual Back to School Barbecue.  If you would like to get involved by helping to set up, serve or clean afterward, please let us know here.


Justice & Mercy

We gather in service in order to reflect his love to our neighbors by hosting Food in the Fort twice per month. Click here to learn more.

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